Thoroughly Modern Katie

I am excitedly waiting for a delivery, it feels like Christmas is coming early and I have a new toy for my business. Having had a rather interesting call about my bank charges, and realising that banks really don't like cash anymore, I have taken the plunge and ordered a card reader. Yes, dear customers, no need for last minute dashes to the cash machine or unearthing the dusty cheque book. I have finally arrived in the 21st century.

My card reader comes with an app, which will send an automatic receipt electronically, and will add up all the transactions. It will give me graphs, percentages and a whole heap of stats to look at and compare. I feel all modern.

Not only this, but I have also been moving onto an electronic diary, which syncs up and shares all my appointments with all my devices. My heavy old paper diary will be sent to a nearby farm to gambol (or gamble) joyfully in the fields (or casino). It won't matter where I am, I will be able to check my diary and book you in.

Now then, if I can just get the dogs working on reception, and doing my admin, I can use all my energy just for fixing you lot.