That time of year

I read a headline from a Tesco Magazine yesterday that said (something like) "There's no better time than Christmas" and my immediate thought was "pffft". If you look up "Pffft" in the dictionary, it will define it as the sound made when one is unable to fully express their utter contempt for such ridiculous generalisation.

Christmas can be a tough time, especially if you've lost someone dear, or you don't fit the perfect model of a normal family, or if you're in pain physically or mentally or just struggling to get on with normal life. I fit into one of those categories and sometimes the constant pressure to be happy/jolly/full of cheer is tough to deal with. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a bah humbug type but at times I wish the whole thing had far less emphasis. I have found a way to be at peace with my not especially normal family day

So, I thought I'd blog a few tips to help you through this build up to Roast Turkey.

Look after your back:
Shopping for long periods of time and carrying heavy bags can cause pain or stir up old issues. Try distributing the weight equally between each hand. Empty all the extra rubbish (dog treats, make up, jars of saved up pennies) out of your handbags or manbags and even change to using a small rucksack. A heavy bag can drag down on your shoulder and neck and irritate the bundle of nerves above your collar bone causing pain. Take regular breaks within your shopping trip. Starcostanero will love you.

If you're an Internet Shopper, make sure you sit with your back supported, feet on the ground and the screen of your laptop/pc/tablet close enough so that you don't need to peer at it. If you're a Super-Internet Shopper or as addicted to Candy Crush as my husband, do make sure you take regular breaks too. Get up, have a walk and talk to your loved ones.

Vitamin D:
Get out in the daylight when you can. There aren't many hours of light at the moment, so any chance that we can we need to get out for some vitamin D. Vitamin D is really important for bone health and we get it from sunlight on our skin. Nothing better than a brisk walk or even a jog on a cold, crisp and sunny day.

Keep exercising:
Moving our joints helps to nourish the joint NeuroOrthopaedic Institute would say "Motion is Lotion". Exercise also helps us produce our natural endorphins, these are the bodies feel good hormones. Don't stop during these winter months, we need those endorphins more than ever.

And remember:
If you fit into any of the categories I mentioned and are struggling, you aren't alone, and I for one will be raising my glass to you.

Take Care and be kind to yourselves this December. :-)